Engish: Glitter outbreak everywhere

Engish: Glitter outbreak everywhere

I don’t want to alarm anybody,
but we had an incident of an outbreak in the studio.

There was a glitter outbreak. It was everywhere.

I don’t want to name names, but it was Gwen Stefani.

Here she is. Now, look. She looks beautiful.

She’s beautiful, right?

From a distance, she looked beautiful.

Like a sparkly angel is what she looked like.

But seriously, and I’m not kidding. So there’s a commercial break,

and then we get ready for the next guest.

This is the footage of us cleaning up after she left.

This is what had to happen. We had to vacuum, we had to wipe the chair down,

we had to pick up. There was glitter all over the place.

The chair, the floor, all behind it.

I don’t know how it got behind her, it just

So look, and I know people like glitter.

Obviously, there are people out there that like glitter.

I don’t understand it.

It gets everywhere.

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