English: Chủ đề Music

1. Do you like listening to music?

Absolutely. I love music. It’s a great way to unwind and alleviate stress. My favorite singer is Son Tung MTP, who is a prominent pop singer in VietNam. He’s all the rage right now.

2. What kind of music do you like?

Well, my favorite genre is Pop. Pop music is quite catchy and the lyrics are simple. Some people may find that a bit too mainstream and prefer something like Jazz.

3.Where do you usually listen to music?

Well, I listen to music everywhere. When I’m at home, I stream music on websites.

4. Can you play any musical instruments?

Actually, I used to play guitar in the past. But I’m only a novice. In the future, I will try to play more often to hone my skill. I’m really inspired by the great guitar virtuosos.

Vocabulary Highlights:

  • unwind(v): thư giãn
  • prominent(adj): nổi tiếng
  • all the rage: rất phổ biến, hot.
  • genre(n): thể loại
  • catchy(adj): nghe bắt tai
  • mainstream(adj): đại trà
  • stream(v): tải nhạc/ phim trên mạng
  • on the move: đang di chuyển trên đường
  • novice(adj/n): gà
  • hone my skills: cải thiện kỹ năng
  • virtuoso(v): bậc thầy.

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