English: Chủ đề Music

1. Do you like listening to music? Absolutely. I love music. It’s a great way to unwind and alleviate stress. My favorite singer is Son Tung MTP, who is a prominent pop singer in VietNam. He’s all the rage right now. 2. What kind of music do you like? Well, my favorite genre is Pop. … [Read more…]

English: Chủ đề Leisure Time

1. Do you have any hobbies? Well, everyone has their own leisure pursuits, and mine is reading. The book I’m reading at the moment is the Godfather by renowned author Mario Puzo. It’s a classic, really, and I’d highly recommend it. 2. Is it important to have a hobby? Definitely, I mean nowadays life is … [Read more…]

English: Chủ đề Celebrities

1.Who is your favorite celebrity in your country? Well, I’d have to say I’m a big fan of Son Tung MTP, a prominent pop singer in Vietnam. His music is fantastic, and he also has a very nice personality. Even though he got a bad rap about copying other people’s music, I gotta say I’m … [Read more…]

English: Chủ đề Robots

1. Are you interested in robots? Yes, robotics engineering is something I take a keen interest in. I actually subscribe to a journal dedicated entirely to robots called “The Robot Workshop”. The other day I read a really interesting article about how robots can be used to perform surgeries. 2. Do you like robots to … [Read more…]

English: Chủ đề Work

1. Are you a student or are you working? Well, for the past couple of years, I’ve been working as Software Engineer at Quoine, which is among the top 4 fintech company in Asia. I love this job, and I think it’s very interesting line of work. 2. What do you like about your job? … [Read more…]

English: Chủ đề Study

1. Are you a student or are you working? I’m currently a senior at Can Tho university which is one of the top schools in nation. Admission is incredibly competitive so I’m very proud of being a student here. 2. What are you studying? Well, I’m majoring in Accountancy so as you can guess, I … [Read more…]

English: 5 cụm động từ hay với TAKE

TAKE(v) /teik/ là một trong những động từ quen thuộc trong tiếng anh. Và nó có rất nhiều nghĩa. Tuy nhiên chúng ta có thể dùng take trong một số tình huống cụ thể như sau: It’s gonna rain. You should take a raincoat.(take có nghĩa là mang) I took my daughter to her school.(take … [Read more…]